Vani Ananthuni



I make Simple and Elegant stuff

I love to make Responsive Websites, Graphic Designs, illustrations, Logos, and much more for pretty much anyone!


Vani Ananthuni

Originally from India, landed in the states for education. I graduated with Masters of Sciences in Computer Sciences at New York University. From saying "I've no clue how it works" a few years ago, I now make the stuff work.

I've had to balance work with full time education since 6 years until now. I've worked with a few companies, helped for my friends and family with simple codes to major projects and designing. I spent rest of my time in photography and sketching. I like everything to be clean and organized, I stay away from clutter and I'm meticulous, both in my work and my environment. 

I belive in Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Whether its in helping environments or helping myself while writing codes. I'm honest, sociable, dedicated and self reliant!

I'm currently looking for full time or internship job opportunities in Front end development and/or UX/UI design to help me advance my career. Meanwhile I'd love to collaborate or take up small projects to work with.