Vani Ananthuni


Did you know about the Google Express?

With so many e-commerce websites on the internet, there's a good chance that a new one might just go inconspicuous. But that might not always be the case with Google. Their new e-commerce website, Google Express, a full range shopping website, has made its way into the public. Its currently available only in the major cities such as NYC, LA, DC and Chicago. Its also offering same day service and a 3 month trial. They do provide everything including groceries. Well, it sounds good right? But whats special about this? Amazon has everything too. They've got Amazon Prime for fast deliveries, A-Z products just as their logo suggests, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Kindle, and so on.. So Google added major Chain stores such as Staples, Walmart, Costco to their website. Also, the interface is way much smoother compared to Amazon so shopping gets more interesting. And the subscription fees aren't expensive, just $10/month or $95 per year and also you can share your membership with your family! That definitely sounds interesting. Lets see how this affects the most popular website, Amazon. Happy Shopping!