Vani Ananthuni


Should you use a CMS?


          Content Management System (CMS) is an application that allows non-coders (well coders use them too) to create and manage websites. There are a lot of CMSs available right now to the users. It doesn't take much time to learn how to use. Also, most of them offer a free lifetime website that features their domain and some ads. Most popular ones are Wordpress, SquareSpace, Drupal and SilverStripe. There are hundreds of them out there.  
Sounds very easy right? Yes its. But should you be using it? Answer depends on the purpose of the website and the CMS you're using and also the time frame you have.
            If its an informational website, just go ahead, add your data and put it online. It's a good way to quickly make a portfolio or a blog without spending too much on initial costs. Plus its easy to add and manage the content. On the other hand, for business entity dealing with e-commerce, it might not be that helpful. Your website needs to be stand out to catch public attention and provide security.    

 As for e-commerce, if its a small company, it makes sense. But when it comes to handling large scale users, CMS don't seem to do well. Another concern is the security. The CMSs terms and conditions usually state that the CMS doesn't take responsibility in case of security breach or other risks. 
So if you've decided to use a CMS, all you have to do is create account, start with a theme and build your website and publish it. Voila! (Let me know if you need any help with this)

Low initial costs for the setup and less time to publish.
Mobile and Tablet optimization - almost for all screen sizes.
Easy to manage and add content since they don't really need coding. 
Great workflow. Better than most developers out there who charge like crazy. 
Most importantly, gets the work done. 
Again, it all depends on which CMS you are using. Choose carefully because you will be investing your time (and money) in this, its easy to realize that there's something way better than what you chose. Transferring the content becomes difficult later on .