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What do you need to know to be a Front End Developer

I’ve been on job search mode for quite some time now. As I swift through more than a thousand applications, I have realized that are a lot of technologies being used and lot more being developed. Each company has its own stack of base languages and frameworks and methodologies. 

You don’t have to know all of them but there are a few must be perfect with HTML, CSS, Javascript. These are like the building blocks. 

Make sure you to know the differences between different elements and when they’re to be used. Knowledge of responsive web designs is important as well. Going through frameworks such as bootstrap or foundation will help in learning more about responsive web designs. 

I will soon be listing all the important concepts in HTML, CSS as well as Javascript.  Meanwhile, here are some great tutorials you can start with. 

MDN This is my goto website

FreeCodeCamp  You can attend a free course here and even get certificate. 

W3Schools You can find the basic info and syntaxes here, i use for quick reference

For more info on useful resources, click here

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