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Improving your profile while job search (and some other tips)

Firstly, Job search takes a lot of time and patience unless you've got like 5+ years of experience. So keep calm and be patient. 

Apply for as many jobs as possible, don't worry about the salary or the benefits yet. You're on an advantage if you're willing to relocate. Don't accept the first offer unless you are forced to earn or the job fits your needs perfectly. 

Don't waste your time in researching a lot about a company unless you've heard from them. Knowing a little while applying is enough. That is just to make sure that your interests align with their products or services. If you're looking for web development   and the company works in automobile manufacturing, it may not help you much. 

Talk to people. Doesn't matter if they're working in your feilf of interest of not. You could relate something to yourself from every conversation. You can learn a lot from other. 

Have a goal. Set a number of applications per day. I usually do 50 applications per day. Remember not to forget to take care of yourself. Have some you-time too. 

Treat your interviews as your experiences. There is a lot to learn everywhere. Note down EVERY question after the interview and search for the answers, even the ones you thought were right. I've realized that I've answered one of the questions completely opposite to the answer. But now I'll never forget the right answer ;)

No one is perfect. No one knows everything. The company is probably wants an expert, but if you're able to prove them that you know the basics perfectly and you're a quick learner, they may prefer you over someone with more experience but lesser knowledge. Saying right things at the right time helps. Its all about how well you can display your skills. Keep improving your profile even after your job search. 

Finally, be confident, wear a smile and don't worry about a thing. Everything will fall in place eventually. 

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